I Hate Festival Fashion

Hi best friends! You know how most beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogs have a “formula” for posts…monthly favorites, product/trend reviews, Face/Outfit of the Days, etc. Well, I wanted to do something original but still stick to that “formula” so I’ve decided that instead of talking about trends I love…I would talk about ones I absolutely can NOT stand. Thus the “I Hate _____” post was born.

Today, I’m talking about so called Festival Fashion. I have written articles and trend reports about festival fashion for a few freelance gigs I’ve done and the entire time I hated it writing about it. I don’t think this “trend” deserves all the hype. First off, let me say that this look works for a very few of the general public. I’m talking about those girls who are still a size 2 without trying and the hardest part of their year was deciding which class to skip in order to attend Coachella.  While the crop tops and shorts so high waisted they’re basically just underwear may work in the tents of a festival, they  do not translate well to the every day lifestyle most of us are accustomed to. Sure the kimono and booties and subtle floral crowns can add some interest to the everyday tank and shorts uniform that dominates the summer season, but going all out with your headdress and short shorts? Not so much.

I also hate the fact that every summer since 2011, this trend has been the only thing shops have shown. What ever happened to the days of beach bonfire adverts? Show me some diversity people! Maybe this is my age showing (I’m old but not that old) or maybe I’m just being a jealous bitch because I can’t attend Coachella, Bonnaroo or any of the other amazing music festivals that happen in the summer because I have to work. Don’t get me wrong, just like every other trend, some people can get it so RIGHT but for the most part… I HATE festival fashion. Let me know if you guys have a problem with it or maybe you love it. If you love it though do me a favor and please tell me how to embrace it, because it looks like this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Guys, I’m so happy to be back blogging again. I know I may not have the nicest photos (or any photos at all for this post, sorry), or be a trained makeup artist or stylist, but I do LOVE this stuff desperately and I hope it shows. Until next time sweet chinchillas.



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