Too Legit to Quit

Hi Best friends!! I missed you guys. Did you miss me?! …..that’s OK. Take your time responding. I’ll wait. I know you’re never supposed to apologize or explain yourself when you stop and start blogging. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this now…too many, but that’s life I suppose. You have ups and downs and everything in between. Lately I’ve been dealing with a flare up of anxiety (holler if you hear me on that one) and some other life stuff that just got me a bit…uninspired. I would think of things I wanted to share with you guys but I just couldn’t write it out or photograph it. I can’t explain why either. It just wasn’t there and it wasn’t right. But now I think it’s time to start my little up again. I missed it. I’m sure every single one of you has forgotten about me and that’s ok. We can be new friends if you want. Or you can always come join the Twitter/Instagram party. I’ve started a new series called “Animals that get me.” It’s quite hysterical if I do say so myself. Regardless, I will be posting more now. I’m not gonna have a schedule, lest I give myself anxiety over not posting. I do have a post ready to go up though (within the next few days) so keep your little eye balls peeled for that. Until then, enjoy your days. Stop and smell the proverbial roses. Life is too short to worry about stupid shit…I have to remind myself everyday of that but I’m hoping we can all help each other with remembering. Until next time sweet ones.

PS. Here’s a picture of a me and a puppy. Just because.

photo (1)



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