March Favorites

Hi best friends! As promised, here are my March Favorites (even though it’s technically April now…)! These are things I’ve been loving over the past month (ish) and wanted to share with all of you lovely, beautiful, caring, funny, charming people in internet land.



1. Rimmel Stay Matte foundation

Rimmel, yet again, has answered my foundation prayers. This mousse foundation comes in a chic, easily traveled with tube and is pretty much my new favorite. I plan on doing a full, more in depth review of this little guy once I’ve worn it just a teensy bit longer but since I bought it at the beginning of the month, I’ve found myself reaching for it more and more. Hint: It is amaze balls at controlling shine y’all. So basically come back to the blog soon if you wanna know ALL my thoughts on this guy (besides the fact that I just love it.)

2. Essie nail polish in Tangerine

This polish was actually a bridesmaid gift I got last summer for being in this wedding. It’s the color we used on our nails for the big day and I can’t get enough of it. It’s that perfect cool pink, red, orange color that’s so great for this really awful joke of a Spring we are experiencing right now. Personally I wish we could ditch the 69-70 temps and go straight to the 80s k thanks.  Is that too much to ask Florida?!


3. Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter

This scent is what makes this product for me. Smells like I just stepped into an orange. Literally, an orange. Or orange sherbet, I cant decide. Body Butters are great for me because I have dry skin out the wazoo so I always need that extra oomph of moisture. I’m not too picky about formulas really, but this little dude…I found him in the checkout at Ulta, and thought “You’re little and adorable. I want you.” So in the basket he went. The moisturizer properties last for a decent bit and the scent lingers, so win, win for errybody.

4. “Such a Flirt” fragrance from VS

I got given a gift set version of this last year for my birthday, used it all up, and kind of forgot about it. I rediscovered it while I was exchanging a bathing suit top (had to get a BIGGER size!!! I was way too excited for that.) As you do, I decided to sniff the smell goods and I remembered how much I LOVED this scent. It has starfruit and white orchid in it and definitely  is a sweet, fruity, girly scent which is great for this time of year. The scent has lots of staying power too, especially if you use the shower gel, lotion, and spray mist together.


5. Bedhead Tigi Superstar  “Queen for a Day” Thickening spray

This spray has literally changed my life. I have searched and searched for something that would give my hair some oomph on its second day life and this stuff is it. Just spray a little on your roots, oomph it a bit, and BAM! Volume. It’s great for doing messy buns or any updo really, so I know I’ll be using it a ton come summer time. I’m so happy I decided to buy this on a whim. Best decision EVER. (Also, I know the price tag is scary but I found TWO cans at TJ Maxx for under $8 so just go digging and you can find it wayyyy cheaper than Ulta.)


6. Abita Strawberry beer (not pictured)

If you haven’t tried this or aren’t really a beer drinker, just take my advice and put this in your mouth. It is lovely and is my new favorite nighttime, adult beverage. I must have bought at least 10 six packs of this in the last month (not all just for me, calm down.) It takes kind of like Fruit Loops but gets you drunk. Basically, my dream come true.


7. Stripes

I have been wearing so much stripes this month it’s ridiculous. I think it’s all the preppy Tumblr people I follow. Yeah…that’s it.

(The link above is my birthday shirt! TEE! I plan on wearing it with leather jeggings and heels and cry/laughing my way into 25…cheers!)


8. Lorde “Bravado”

This song is lyfeeeee. Click link for lyric video.

And dats it. Stay tuned, beaches.



which means….BIRTHDAY MONTH! (<–that was said like the camel from those hump-day commercials because I luff him.) Be on the lookout for the a birthday wishlist as well as a post bemoaning the fact that I am about to turn 25 and yet mentally still feel 5 years old most days. #idonotknowhowtoadult

Love you sweet chinchillas. Till next time.


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