Hi best friends. As usual I’m a day late & a dollar short…my apologies. Things happened this week…you guys know. BUT…things also happened this weekend…meaning I shopped when I probably should have been home cleaning my bathroom or responding to my emails. Here’s what I got to start off Spring/Summer 2014!

Bow earrings-Icing $4.99

Bow earrings-Icing $4.99 (similar)

Clutches-Cotton On $12.99 a peice

Clutches-Cotton On $12.99 a piece

Gold Stud necklace- Icing $4.99

Gold Stud necklace- Icing $4.99

Midi Short-American Eagle $39.95

Midi Short-American Eagle $39.95

Sheer Pullover-Target $24.99

Sheer Pullover-Target $22.99

Bikini-Victorias Secret $45 for both

Bikini-Victoria’s Secret $45 for both

I plan on getting a few more pairs of shorts and flip flops are next on my list of items to get seeing as most of mine bit the dust at the end of last summer. Hope you guys enjoyed this quicky post for today and I will see you again on Monday (weather permitting.)


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