New Discoveries: Random & Miscellaneous

Hi best friends! So, as I said Monday, this is the last post in “New Discoveries.” I hope you guys enjoyed this lil ‘help me remember how to blog’ series because I know I did. One of my favorite parts about being a blogger is sharing and learning new things with each other so hopefully we all get something out of this. This last post is just going to be a few random things I have discovered and I thought you all would enjoy learning about it/them. So yeah…let’s do this!

DIOR Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm


I guess I could have mentioned this one in my Makeup post but I held back. Honestly, this was a total f#@% it purchase y’all. I had a gift card, it was the after Christmas sale/rush, and I had been eye balling this for ages. My opinion: it’s a total luxury product. A tube of cherry chapstick does the same thing but something about using this in conjunction with my Fresh Sugar Lip Polish every other night or so just makes me feel so damn fancy…and I love it. My only con to the product itself is how hard it is when you first get it…you really have to work those first few times to get anything out of the pot but after that its smooth sailing (pun intended.)  If you have an extra $30 you don’t give a shit about throwing away get it. It makes me feel fancy and honestly can be a real mood booster if you’ve had a bad “I’m a horrible adult” day. If there was a pot of lip balm that said to the world “F&%$ you I MADE it” it’s this little dude.

Fresh Flowers


Ok, ok…so this probably shouldn’t count as a new discovery but it kind of is. Hear me out for a second. I have been in a writing, inspiration funk lately (couldn’t you tell by the hiatus) and the only thing that really made me inspired to write again or really do anything that wasn’t required of me at the time was Tumblr.  I got sucked into a prep-filled fantasy of fresh flowers, Chanel No. 5 bottles, and mirror trays. Also monogram ALL the things, am I rite?! Looking at beautiful photos of fresh flowers and open windows and white linens just made me want to write again…which really when you think about it logically makes absolutely zero sense. But it worked because I’m back to blogging so that’s a good outcome right? Ever since, every Saturday (or whenever the flowers I bought start looking a lil gross) I go buy myself some fresh flowers of some kind. This week happened to be tulips. It’s the cheapest way to make me (and my house) feel lovely and special and who doesn’t want to feel like that, especially for the low, low price of usually $5.

Polonza Bistro

From their Yelp! page

This place, you guys. If you are ever in Pensacola you HAVE to go here for breakfast. No excuses, just do it. It doesn’t look like much on the inside but the food and coffee is to DIE for. The place has been around for years but I had never been, since it is on a part of the main downtown strip that is a little far walking distance from everything else (i.e. the bars.) I recommend the LeFitte Breakfast (stuffed french toast and bacon…nom city) and a regular cappuccino. Great service, great food and coffee, and a great little slice of this city that I love so much.

And that’t it…all I she wrote. I have done some light Springtime shopping, so be on the lookout for some hauls real soon. Also I bought a bathing suit. Brace yourselves…it’s bikini season, girls. (I have been watching way too much Game of Thrones lately.) I also have been writing a TON of “Paige Reviews”…which means I should be out of good material by April, just in time for my 25th birthday! Woot! See you soon sweet chinchillas. Have a GREAT weekend!


2 thoughts on “New Discoveries: Random & Miscellaneous

  1. I’ve gotten on a fresh flower kick myself! Publix always has such beautiful choices I couldn’t resist anymore. Even if my cats do occasionally chew on them lol

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