Oscar Fashion Review

Hi best friends. So I don’t know about you guys but I didn’t watch the Oscars ceremony. I, instead, proceeded to stalk Twitter and E! News Live from the Red Carpet for the better part of 5 hours yesterday. Think of all the housework and real life things I could have accomplished in that time frame…but no. Instead, I literally squealed like a teenage girl when JLaw showed up looking flawless…and tripped…again. #shesmyhero

So in light of that I made a lil list of my personal Top 5 favorite looks from the Oscars. There were tons of honorable mentions (Olive Wilde, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, just to name a few!) but these were my favorites. Enjoy!

5. Christine (Chrissy) Teigen

I mean….flawless. You can’t go wrong with Monique Lhuillier and she has a great accessory, John Legend. The shoes, the hair…the PRINT! I loved seeing someone do something different and she killed it. Who else is ready for spring after seeing this dress?

4. Kate Hudson

I have always had a thing for capes. Even capelets. Yes those are things I enjoy. Two of my best dressed picks had this great cape/cap sleeved silhouette going on and I DIED. This Atelier Versace gown is just everything. Who even knew Kate Hudson was still around let alone looking so damn fabulous?!

3. Camilla Alves

Again with the cape y’all. I just can’t. Made by designer Gabriela Cadena, this dress is drama and magic and whimsy all in one (plus it’s in one of the hottest colors for Spring.) I adore it. Fierce girl, just fierce.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

Usually I am not a big fan of peplum…I think it’s because I can’t do peplum so it makes me upset when it works for others. I just end up looking like I’m smuggling twinkies under my skirt but to each thier own. Case in point… This Dior stunner. I love everything about this look (yes, even the hair.) Jennifer Lawrence is amazing and it was nice to see her back in something that didn’t look like the Little Mermaid.

And…my ultimate Grande Supreme…

1. Lupita Nyong’o

I literally have no words. None. Everything about this powder blue (again huge color for Spring) Prada gown is flawless, from the color to the silhouette to the headband. I would be curious to see how much headband sales spike over the next few weeks. So happy she won too!

And that’s it for today gang. Friday will be the last post in my “New Discoveries” series so hope you all have enjoyed it! See you Friday!


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