New Discoveries: Makeup

Hi best friends! Did you miss me?!? Sorry about the impromptu hiatus Paige is For recently went through but it was much needed. “Chaos and Destruction” December quickly turned into “Help Me I’m Poor & Everything is Breaking” January…and now it’s February and things are finally starting to look a little better. So without further ado let’s get back to the regularly scheduled programming shall we?

I’m going to start a new Series (I like them…can you tell?) all about new discoveries I’ve been making during the hiatus and just in general everyday life. Hopefully this will help us me get back into the swing of things. That being said, here are some of the products I have discovered and been loving recently for (mostly eye) makeup!

Marc Jacobs Eye Pallettes in Tease and Lolita


Remember my Wish List begging for the Lolita? Not only did I get her but my fabulous friends also got me the Tease. Tease is full of brilliant purple and pink shades perfect for dramatic smoky eye looks, while Lolita is all about the neutral tones. I’m super excited to use Lolita more come Spring time, as gold and metallic shades for eyes are looking to be the big beauty trend. Both palettes are packaged beautifully. Some people don’t like the all black look but I LUFF it. I think it makes the palettes so sleek and streamlined. It also cuts down on thier size so these bad boys fit perfectly in your purse or makeup bag. The pigmentation in these is amazing. As long as you use a primer, these suckers will last almost an 8 hour work day with minimal touch ups. My only qualm with these is that the fallout in the shimmery shades is kind of a damper so make sure to tap your brush of excess before you start to apply. The shadows are very soft to the touch and like I said…pigmentation & wear are stellar. I love using these and have been using them almost nonstop since Christmas and I’ve barely put a dent in them. Here’s to them lasting me well into the summer months!

Smashbox Palette

Now this little dude was a bit of a surprise purchase. I was at Sephora spending a gift card I got for Christmas when this Smashbox kit caught my eye. In it you got a full size Full Exposure mascara, kohl eyeliner, and this little palette. There were three shades to choose from, a neutral, a purple-pink toned one, and this guy. As I had just gotten the Marc Jacobs Palettes I though I could use a little more blue in my life. Sadly, I haven’t had a chance yet to really use the bottom bright blue shades. The metallic flecks in the bottom three really make wearing them everyday a bit of a challenge but I did use them on New Years so theres that. I really like the pigmentation of these shadows. Theyre soft but the metallic flecks really stick, resulting in less fallout than the Marc Jacobs. The color payoff on the shimmer shades though is not as nice as the shimmer color payoff the Marc’s have. With every upside there is a downside right? The packaging is lovely and reminds me of Christmas. This was a kit designed to be a gift so the snowflake motif I’m sure was intentional. The small size makes it great for throwing it your makeup bag and going and is really useful for those of us who travel a lot more than we wish we did. All in all, for $24 this kit could not be left to sit by itself at Sephora so it came with me and I’m very happy it did.

And last but not least….

Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

One word describes this product for me: lifechanging. Ok, maybe technically that’s two words but seriously you guys. It is. Trust me. I have recently been working on my winged out eye liner skills and the second I purchased this bad boy I looked like a pro. Well almost (can I get an amen from the other girls with shaky hands?) This stuff glides on like a dream and doesn’t budge. Just make sure you shake very well before each use. I’m talking 5-8 hours later and its still looking great. It will fade slowly throughout the day, as all liners are wont to do, but unlike most it doesn’t smudge all over the place when it does.  The only downside I have noticed is the tip can get a little bent (not so defined) so just be careful with it when its hitting the 6-8 week mark of usage. I have no idea what they put in this but it’s definitely  one of my new Holy Grail Products and I’m loving it so, so much.

Well, that’s it for some of my new eye discoveries. Hopefully you all enjoyed this. Leave me a comment to welcome me back to the beauty/fashion blogger land and a big hug to all of you. I have missed this so much but I’m glad I took the time off.

Have a great Valentines Weekend, my sweet chinchillas, and come back Monday for more New Discoveries! XOXO


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