Christmas Wishlist 2013

Hi best friends! It’s that time of year again…when people are scrambling around being mean to retail workers (don’t do that!) trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on their inevitably long list. My family was never really big on Christmas. We’ve put a tree up a handful of times over the past 10 or 15 years. We aren’t Christmas folk. But since living on my own (and since quitting retail) I have come to enjoy the holidays again. The music, the booze, the parties, the sparkly lights…it’s all fun to me. So in the spirit of a five year old who realized it’s finally December, I’m making my Christmas Wish List. Maybe Santa will see it and bring something nice. Highly doubtful, but it could happen.

Make your own Christmas wishlist’s and leave them in the comments. I’m nosy and love to see what everyone wants/gets for Christmas!


1. Naked3 Palette, $52

2. Marc Jacobs “The Lolita” Palette, $59

3. Barry Manilow tickets (yes, I’m a Fannilow), Jan. 30, $19-59

4. Keurig Coffee System, $99

5. Blugirl Blumarine Tulle Skirt, $308 (similar here)

6. Black & Decker Electric Can Opener (Don’t judge, mine just broke in the move!), $10

7. PUPPY, an insane amount of money but pugs are adorable & worth it.

8.Navy & White striped rug, prices vary but this one is here

9. Hendricks Gin (cuz Ima need it come Dec. 31), $39-59

10. Gold rimmed glassware, (this is vintage from Etsy here)

Love you, sweet chinchillas! Till Monday, ma cherie.


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