Welcome to December!

Hi Best friends! Sorry about last week…between Thanksgiving, finding out about my job transfer, and getting everything ready for said transfer I have neglected sweet baby blog. My apologies. I don’t have anything new beauty or fashion related BUT I do have something to share with you guys…my new apartment!!

It’s gorgeous, but a bit of a space downgrade from what I’ve been dealing with. Here are some “before moving chaos” pictures for you all to ohh and ahh over. My move in date is December 31st. Happy New Year to me indeed.


Dining room/bit of living room






Closet one of TWO! What WHAT!

El bano.

El bano.

So with that, welcome to December guys! Or as I am now dubbing it “Chaos and Destruction Month.” I’ll be putting up a few “wish list” type stuff in the coming weeks along with some other fun stuff. Just remember to be patient with me. Moving house sucks. Love you sweet chinchillas!


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