Paige Reviews: Psssst! Volumizing Boost

HI best friends! Told you guys I was gonna review some more stuff so why not give it it’s own series.

Today I’m reviewing THIS!

Pssst Volumizing Boost Powder  $6.99 from Ulta

Pssst Volumizing Boost Powder
$6.99 from Ulta

This little guy is the Pssst Volumizing Boost Powder. It’s “an invisible texturizing powder that’s weightless, provides instant boost, and gives all volume with no clumping.” I would agree with all of the above except the no clumping thing, but I’ll get to that later.

This is what it looks like…

Like snow...but for your hair?

Like snow…but for your hair?

Which explains why I kind of freaked out over spending $7 on a product I couldn’t even feel in the bottle. The product is that light. The basic concept is a dry shampoo style that gives you some oomph. You put some in your hands and do this…


Then you look like this…


But hopefully better than I do, because I did this after a full work day so my hair was checked out. Overall though this product does give you a little oomph on second day hair. I’ve been using mine with dry shampoo when I do messy top knots/buns and it works like a dream for giving texture, which is HUGE for long hair.

PS Say goodbye to MY long hair. I’m getting it cut Wednesday…into what I do not know. All I know for sure is there’s too much of it and its driving me (and my shower) crazy. Watch Instagram later in the week if you wanna see what I went with.

Hope everyone has a happy & safe Thanksgiving! I won’t be posting anymore this week because of the holiday but I will see you guys next week! Farewell, my sweet chinchillas. (We’re going with chinchillas. Deal with it.)


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