A few of my favorite things…

Hi best friends! It’s Friday! Woot woot! I wasn’t feeling too well the beginning of this week and actually have a doctor’s appointment later today so wish me luck. I hate doctahs. But I digress…I told you guys on Monday that I have a wee announcement to make today so without further ado…

I AM MOVING BACK HOME! I accepted a transfer position with my current company to move to the Pensacola, FL office and will be leaving Georgia in t-minus 5 weeks and counting. Best Christmas gift everrrrrrrr. Without making this a super long (or sappy) post, I have not been happy personally here in GA since day 1 essentially and am so excited to be back closer to my family, my friends, and my city. Pensacola has a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to come back and do some good there.

Home sweet Home.

Home sweet Home.

Whew, glad thats over. I’ve been bursting with the news but didn’t really wanna talk about it too much for fear I would wake up and realize it had all been a dream but NO…it’s happening. Quickly, I might add.

So in light of my happy, happy news I decided to share a few of my favorite things over the past few weeks that have just added to this mood:

The weather!

Oh the weather outside is weather.

-The weather lately has been glorious. Highs of 75 in mid-November? Yes, please.  (PS that photo is the only salvageable piece of my Look Book I tried to do. Enjoy it kids.)

The Divergent Series

The Divergent Series

-Not gonna lie to y’all. The only reason I started this was because I saw the trailer for the film and instantly fell in love with the dude who is playing Four, the main stud muffin in the series. (Consequently he was also the dude who died whilst deflowering Lady Mary on Downton…the more you know.) So far so good though! It’s no Harry Potter but Miss Roth does a really great job at making you feel for the characters and their very effed up situation. I’m halfway through Insurgent and Allegiant should be here any day now.

Excuse the duck face, but it just happened.

Excuse the duck face, but it just happened.

-Red lipstick lately has been making my days. Usually, like in the picture above, I’m wearing Rimmel’s Showoff in Big Bang or Kate Moss for Rimmel (Rimmel knows Red. Alliteration.)

Ohhhh, pretty.

Ohhhh, pretty.

-Sticking with the red theme, red roses from somebody who likes you are quite possibly the coolest thing ever.

Socks for days.

Socks for days.

-And last but certainly not least are socks. I have been on a bit of  sock binge lately. AE (yes I know, the struggle continues) has had a really good sale on their super thick, sparkly socks and…I mean, they’re socks that shine. How could I not? Plus at around $2ish a pair I mean I really could not leave them. They would have been so sad.

And that’s it. A few of my favorite things…I hope that song is now stuck in everybody else’s heads too because good lord is it in mine. Hastalavista, chinchillas (I still haven’t thought of a good nickname for you guys and I really like typing/saying out loud the word ‘chinchilla’.)


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