Holy Grail Foundation

Hi best friends! So you guys know how you go to a store and sometimes you just get this feeling like, “I think I need to go check out the makeup because its Tuesday so Sales.” Or something along those lines. Well I had one of those experiences last Thursday (yes Halloween) whilst buying some Halloween candy for trick or treaters (of which I only saw ONE!) I was at CVS and managed to get the very last bag of variety Halloween chocolates (again I only saw ONE trick or treater…now I have to eat ALL the chocolates!) As you do, I decided to go check out in the makeup area because it was faster…mmhmm thats exactly why I went that way. (No, guys…no.) As I’m taking my sweet time getting to the register and trying to be a good girl, I notice the Rimmel area. I have a love/hate relationship with Rimmel. On some things they CAN NOT be beat (eyeliner, lipsticks, powder) but other things (shadow quads…ugh) just suck…the pigmentation is off, the color payoff is crap, etc. But recently I was watching Tanya Burr’s newest beauty tutorial and she was raving about the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. So I thought to myself, “Why not?” If it works, it’ll be something to rave about and if it doesn’t it’ll be something to complain about. Either way, blog fodder! I picked up the shade 102 Light Nude anddddd…it’s my new holy grail foundation!


At just $5.99 it won’t break the bank which is a huge plus. Honestly this stuff is comparable to my favorite high end foundation (Urban Decay Naked Skin $39.99…eesh.) The coverage is light/medium but very buildable, especially with a good brush & the consistency is really nice (it also smells amazing which I find super odd but fun.)

The brush I've been using with this foundation...Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. $8.99 from Ulta

The brush I’ve been using with this foundation…Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.
$8.99 from Ulta

It’s also surprisingly hydrating on my face. I don’t feel like I’m wearing a ton of makeup which is a huge plus & the wear is pretty decent.  I can get through an 8 hour work day and only need to touch up once with blotting paper or powder.  The only downside I have with the product is that it just comes out (no pump or anything) so you have to be SUPER careful when you’re getting ready to apply it and make sure not to pour out more than you need. I’m a BB cream addict but this I think will be my new winter staple.
What’s some of your Holy Grail items? Tell me in some comments (those little guys make my day.) Also, who’s ready for the long weekend coming up?! I know I am. I’ll be back in the old stomping grounds of Pensacola, FL this weekend so expect lots of photos next week (and maybe some surprise beauty purchases?!) Till Friday, loverlies.


4 thoughts on “Holy Grail Foundation

  1. Tanya got me on this too – I love it when i’m having a good skin day as it’s sheer – I heard wake me up was even sheerer so when i’m really in the good skin zone I’m going to try that too 🙂 Is the RT brush good? x

    • Good is an understatement! Sarah Chapman did the damn thing with these brushes! The Expert face brush has magic in it, I swear. lol I’ve heard Wake Me Up is not so good for oily skin as its a little too dewey. I have yet to find Wake Me Up in any of my local drugstores though. I think it might be a UK only thing, kind of how the Apocalips were in the beginning.

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