Transitioning into Fall: Fall Beauty!

Hi best friends! I am not a beauty expert. I do not pretend to be one and I sincerely hope you all (already) know this. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve developed a love affair with makeup. I blame the discovery of a little store called Sephora. Anyways…it’s Fall, y’all…ya know, in case you hadn’t heard. Which means that every brand under the sun (clothing, shoes, and, yes, beauty) has come out with new stuff for the new season. I decided to just go LOOK in CVS and online at Sephora/Ulta. Big mistake. I can never just look. I have to try. So here’s what I’ve been trying and loving for Fall: Beauty Edition!

I saw this amazing wine nail color in an OPI version and refused to pay $10 for it. I was convinced I could find a shade that was just as good. Lo & behold Wet n’ Wild to the rescue! I found two I really like. The colors are called Under your Spell & Burgundy Frost. Burgundy Frost is the favorite right now & it’s a rich plum color with a hint of gold shimmer. It just screams, “Let’s go jump in that pile of leaves!” The Under your Spell color is a dark purple-brown color with a slight shimmer. My only qualm with this color is it takes almost THREE coats to get the color to look how it does in the bottle so be patient with it.

Burgundy Frost in the front & Under your Spell in back.

Burgundy Frost in the front & Under your Spell in back.


Under your Spell (L) & Burgundy Frost (R)

The next thing is…I went a little crazy with concealer. Maybelline was having a sale and Extrabucks were involved…it’s all such a blur now. I went with the FIT Me concealer in shade 20: Sand. Word on the street is this is a great dupe for Nars concealers. I also got a color correction concealer because I dont know about you ladies but my skin hates me right now. I don’t know if its the weather or what but my skin has been feeling pretty lack luster lately. I’ve actually really been wanting to do a skincare post for ideas on what you guys suggest but I think I’ll save that for Friday’s post.


Maybelline knows concealer.

*Get back on topic train*

The next thing is something I’m excited yet also nervous to share with you all. I bought colored mascara. That’s right. Me, 24 years young, bought colored, BURGUNDY mascara. And guess what? I LOVE IT! It’s by Maybelline Great Lash and its called So Very Berry. There’s a very subtle difference from this color and my usual “blackest black” colored mascara and unless you’re an inch from my nose you can’t see the color. This is a limited edition product so if you want to give it a try I suggest you go for it right now…like yesterday. My only qualm is it’s not very volumizing, which is a huge thing for me.

So Very Berry. There's a few other colors in this limited edition collection.

So Very Berry. There’s a few other colors in this limited edition collection.

I also decided to pick up a new fall color in my trusty Maybelline Color Tattoos. I got “Inked in Pink.” I love Color Tattoos. They’re a great dupe for MAC’s paint pots and they stay ALL. DAY.LONG. They make for great shadows alone or as base shadows under your favorite colors. I’m a neutrals girl but the “Inked in Pink” intrigued me. It looks super bright in the pot but on the skin it gives a soft baby pink glow that looks lovely alone or with any shade from any of my other palettes.  Speaking of eyes, I couldn’t resist this eyeliner from Wet N’ Wild in Purple/Violet. Cuz shit it was 99 cents! (Thriftshop anyone?)

Inked In Pink

Inked In Pink

Wet'N Wild Color Icon Eyeliner in Purple/Violet.

Wet’N Wild Color Icon Eyeliner in Purple/Violet.

Now on to lips. These aren’t new to me but they might be new for you so I’m including them. This is the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in the color 110. I LOVE these lipsticks! I first decided to try these because Zoella wears them all the time and that girl stays flawless so…peer pressure y’all. But what a good discovery! Formulation, color payoff, pigmentation…it’s all there. You only need a balm or gloss if you’re looking for all day office wear. 110 looks super corally in pictures but in real life its a red-orange color which looks great for fall with my skin tone. This color looks great paired with the new Baby Lips Dr. Rescue. This one is in Soothing Sorbet. This guy is GREAT! So much better than the original formulation of the Baby Lips.  I plan on getting a few other colors soon. The menthol is so soothing and hydrating and the color is really sheer but just enough to wear on top of a lipstick or on its own if you’re having a low key makeup day.

Kate Moss for Rimmel in Color in 110.

Kate Moss for Rimmel in Color 110.

Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in Soothing Sorbet.

Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in Soothing Sorbet.

And that’s it for all my new Fall beauty products. A bunch of brands aren’t releasing Fall/Winter collections until later in the month so I might check back in and update if I see anything that catches my eye later. Until Friday mamasitas.


2 thoughts on “Transitioning into Fall: Fall Beauty!

  1. I just saw those new Baby Lips at Fred Meyer yesterday and almost bought the peach-toned one! I also bought Rimmel lipstick 110 because of Zoella. She is always too cute! And let me know how that Fit Me concealer works. The Nars ones are really nice but so darn spendy!

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