Hi best friends. I’m debating on even touching this topic but tonight has been a little…emotional for me. So what better place to vent than baby blog? Lately I have felt like I was behind. People are getting married and having legitimate kids and buying houses and I’m sitting here listening to “Work Bitch” and trying to learn Britney’s new dance moves. Being a twentysomething is hard y’all. And more and more I feel like people my age are outshining me in adulthood decisions. I know everything has its own time and my prince will come…blah blah blah. I ended something tonight that has been going on for three years now. I thought I had that person who was “it.” But I didn’t, I was just delusional. Delusional because my brain is constantly polluted with adorable babies and Pinterest weddings. I also suffer from anxiety which stems from other things besides boys but they certainly don’t help matters. All this has combined to make my self esteem plummet to an all time low. I feel like no matter what I do somebody’s baby or marriage proposal is worth more than my awesome job and burgeoning bloggerhood. I feel ugly 97% of the time no matter how much makeup or how fierce the outfit. But I say no more! I am tired of sitting on the sidelines (or at the various hotel bars) and watching everyone else live their lives while I sit and wait for something to happen to me. This is a promise to myself that I hope you guys will help me with. Help me remember to say YES to things. Help me remember that being a twentysomething is just a frame of mind. It doesn’t define me. I am a strong, capable woman. We all are (if you’re a female at least.) Having (or not having) a man does not define me. So this ones for the single ladies who think know one loves you or you’re ugly or you need to lose five pounds. You are loved and perfect and if some prick can’t see that then…keep it movin. I’m feeling low now but this won’t last forever. I have weathered rougher waters than this. I will survive. (Yes that was intentional to get that song stuck in your head.) We all will. And then we can be thirtysomethings together! Jokes.
But really…. Sorry for this rant that has no point but I needed to write down these things to remind myself that yeah I might have had Fruity Pebbles for dinner again tonight and my plant might be dying but there’s hope. There has to be. Otherwise I am le-screwed.
Thanks for sticking this one out with me. We will return to our regular scheduled programming Friday. Love you Internet frands.


6 thoughts on “TwentySomething

  1. Hang in there.. it gets better.. 🙂
    And the sooner you realize that you are here to live your OWN life and not follow suit with somebody else’s the sooner you will find happiness dear. 🙂

    Your first step towards that was definitely this post…so we wouldn’t call it a rant! Good luck… your readers are here for you!

    Love, Wink n Pout
    Blog, App

  2. So this really struck a chord with me. And we are twinning on basically everything you said. I went out with a (cough) prick for 3 years. I have had anxiety since my freshman year of college. I’m 29 and all of my friends are married and most have kids. A couple of them have 3. THREE.

    Hang in there and do NOT worry. I found my now fiance when I least expected it and when I was just out having fun for me. I wasn’t looking and was just enjoying life. We don’t need them to be happy, the right one can just add to our happiness.

    I’m totally with you on all of this. Sorry for the super long comment!

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