What you got in that bag?

Ludacris? Anyone? Bueller?

Anyway, today I’m going to do a very popular YouTube tag…the “What’s in my bag” tag. Only instead of videoing it I’m going to show you guys through old fashioned photography brought to you directly by my lovely iPhone (since my camera decided to die and never turn back on…ever.) So here we go!


This is my current bag. It’s a “Michael Kors.”. I use quotes because I’m not quite positive of its authenticity. I’ve checked #TheRealReal and according to them it MIGHT be real but…..I did buy it from a trash bag. -____- Don’t judge me, you Judge Judy’s…Georgia can be a sketchy yet fantastic place sometimes.

So let’s get started with what is in this monstrosity I carry with me everyday.


First off there’s my wallet and checkbook. I’m not opening them for obvious reasons. Who knows if you guys are super smart hackers who can simply enlarge an image and BAM theres goes my perfect credit score. (Just kidding….perfect credit score?! You guys haven’t seen my closet yet.)

Then there’s what I like to call my “little black bag.”


This bag has literally saved my life before. I keep everything in this little guy. It’s falling apart and probably needs to be replaced but its just too perfect and slightly sentimental (it was a graduation present from high school.) I’m just going to list the contents and then we’ll keep it movin’…


  1. ELF Shine Eraser packet. Lil oil blotter sheets that I use throughout the day, rather than piling on more foundation, concealer, etc.
  2. My favorite EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint.
  3. A teeny, tiny hand sanitizer.
  4. Altoids Smalls mints.
  5. Some floss.
  6. Travel size Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer. I use this during the summer during non-makeup days to make sure my face doesn’t get all dry and flaky.
  7. Travel size bumble&bumble Surf Spray. Obsessed with this stuff year round. Perfect for a quick hair boost.
  8. Travel sized lotion. ( This one is B&BW’s Cashmere Glow but I change this out pretty regularly depending on the scent, time of year, etc. I’m a freak,  I know.)
  9. Assorted hair goodies. (bobby pins, hair ties, clear elastics, clips)
  10. A compact mirror
  11. A lighter. I gave up smoking but my parents still smoke so I keep a lighter with me for them. Plus sometimes lighters are just handy to have.
  12. A rollerball fragrance. This one is called Me by American Eagle. LUFF.
  13. And lastly the Sephora Unique Pink lip balm.

For such a tiny bag it holds a lot of stuff. And during that time of the month and it holds a few more extras like Motrin packs, etc. I think every girl should have a bag like this. It’s great to have when you’re going a lot or traveling as much as I do because even if you forget to pack something you have it right there in your bag already.


IMG_0592Next is my Moleskine notebook and a few pens. I go through these like crazy. I write down blog ideas, stuff for work, general creative/inspirational stuff I see in my day-to-day…

It’s always more fun to write in a notebook than on your iPad/phone.


Sunglasses. These are kind of a leftover from the days when I was allowed to wear contacts. Hopefully (fingers crossed) those days will be here again soon. But yeah…these kind of just sit in my bag and never get used. Sad, really.

And lastly…


SNACKS! Because…snacks.

And that’s all she wrote. Usually there’s some spare jewelry floating around in my bags too but I just cleaned this guy out a few days ago looking for a certain pair of earrings. So that’s what’s in my bag. I’d love to see what’s in yours! Comment your blog links/YouTube videos/Twitter feeds…lets be friends!

I’ll be back next Wednesday with something far funnier and more entertaining because….I’m off to Mississippi on Friday. Enough said.


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